"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love That Girl...And Her Smile

In just a few short weeks, we will have our first teenager.

So far, so good, but people have warned me about what's in store. Interestingly, they've all been women who've looked back and reflected on the monsters they were when they were teenage girls.

But not my Cassie. She'll always be sweet, and she'll always love spending time with me, right?

Like today.
Cindy and the younger girls were all at musical rehearsal at church, giving Cassie and me a little time to run errands and be lazy. Yes, it's possible to do errands AND be lazy at the same time when all of the errands have drive-thru windows: the bank, the pharmacy, the barber shop. (I made up that last one. Can you imagine leaning your head into the drive-thru window?)

For lunch, Cassie and I enjoyed some quiet moments over pizza, just the two of us. This was the highlight of my day. [The Swiss cheese dip I just devoured with my wheat thins was a distant second.] We talked about school and friends and junior high next year and creative ideas for future VBS's at church. She did a lot of giggling and smiling.

I recalled our friend Kristin's comment about Cassie on my post a few days ago: "I love when Cassie grins!"

There really are few treats as wondrous as Cassie's grins. They erupt out of nowhere at times. They feel like a subtle gift that she is bestowing on you to let you know that you're funny or loved...or insane.

It's not that these smiles are rare, but they're given very deliberately, and the look in her eyes magnifies the significance of the event.

Even when I'm embarrassing her (which dads do occasionally), I can count on the eyes rolling, but when the spiraling eyes are accompanied by her grin, I know that I'm not scarring her for life.

I wish you ALL were blessed to be the lucky recipient of one of these:

And for those of you who assumed that I would follow such a tender moment with some sarcastic or flippant bit of humor, shame on you for underestimating my sensitive side.


Christine said...

Recently I read somewhere the phrase "the way they treat you at three is the way they'll treat you at 13". If Cassie was a sweet, smiling three year old, it sounds like that adage just may be true. My little one turns three tomorrow. And short of the not-yet-mastered potty training skills, I truly do hope she's not much different at 13! Such a beautiful young woman she is!

AmyG said...

A beautiful young lady, you have there! I don't even want to think of my girls becoming teens! I still have 6 more years before I have to think about it.

Beautiful post, by the way!

TAMI said...

Though not identical, we've got a teenager named cassie who also bestows grins -- and the world is a better place for each of them!

2Thinks said...

She's darling. I've got one,too, only brown hair- she's 17. We've never had anything, but fun with her. She loves her daddy- father/daughter banquets 9 years running now. She has great respect for his opinion, as well. You'll be fine- enjoy- the worst part is- and I know this is not origional, it's just true- it goes so fast.


Becky K. said...

Sweet post!

As a mother of a nearly 14 year old girl...It's not that bad.

I bet she stays a lovely young woman.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I love you both even more after this post.

Kari said...

A very sweet post! Our only daughter (she has three brothers!)is about to turn 13 this summer. It's amazing how quickly she has seemed to change from a little girl to a "teenager" - seems like overnight. Yesterday she was playing with Polly Pockets and Barbies, today she's giggling about boys and complaining about "bad hair days".

Cheri Armstrong said...

Say it isn't so! Happy Birthday to Cassie. :)