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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Save The Toothbrushes

Historically, I have a hard time throwing anything away.

Most of the time, it's just old junk and eventually crawls up my leg and chokes my soul.

But occasionally, I get to say, "it's a good thing I didn't throw THAT away 12 years ago, because just look at this amazing use I found for it TODAY!"

Then this validates my hoarding gene for another 12 years.

Take your old toothbrushes, for example. It's recommended to replace your toothbrush every 6 months. That's why they try to schedule you twice a year for dental visits: so you can get your free toothbrush. Instead of you just buying a $3 toothbrush every six months, they schnooker you into a $120 dental visit so you can get your "free" toothbrush.

Well, that's a lot of old $120 toothbrushes for a family of 6 over the course of time.

Here are some uses for them that I have found practical:

-scrubbing the shower door track
-cleaning grout
-applying highlights to my wife's hair
-painting techniques
-brushing the dog's teeth
-scrubbing out stains on clothes
-getting that gunk out of the nose piece on my glasses
-I bet YOU have even more ideas

Now I'm trying to find uses for all my old, used dental floss...


AmyG said...

I use our old toothbrushes for a few of what's on your list. Getting out stains, on clothes and painting projects.

Amy Platon said...

Well you COULD make a border in your bathroom with 'em! If you heave a nice collection of them. Haha. I want pictures of that one if you do it!!

Julie Bagamary said...

You can also put the toothbrushes in peroxide or alcohol to disinfect them and prolong their life.

sunnymama said...

Oh there are so many uses for old toothbrushes. Cleaning in hard to get little places is one of my favourites, and shining taps.