"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We May Have Made Some Progress In The Area of Not Barking

We held off as long as we could.

It just seemed inhumane to attach an electric box that would send pulses racing through our puppy's neck each time he barked.

But compared to the electric pulses that were racing through our ears, down our spines and out each pore of our bodies--nay, our SOULS--we felt it was time to give it a try.

Our children had purchased a prank shock pen for April Fool's Day. When an unsuspecting [formerly known as] friend clicked it, it would shock them. So they'd practiced on themselves, and while it was shocking and unnatural, it wasn't consistently. lethal. And whatever number of years it's taken off their lives we really wont know for a while now, will we?

A couple of days ago we caved and borrowed a bark collar for Cheddar. It's designed to send a gentle pulse with the first bark, and then build if the barking continues.

So the sound around here the last couple days?

Instead of:

It's been:
"Bark! Yelp!------silence"

Sweet silence.

And it only took a couple of times for Cheddar to figure it out.

Today, the doorbell rang. Usually that's an invitation to bark in a manner befitting a lunatic hyena hyped up on espresso.

But tonight, when the doorbell rang, Cheddar just looked at the door and sat down wagging his tail. And he wasnt even wearing the collar, and hasn't since yesterday.

We're getting one of those collars for each of the girls before our next car trip.
Don't hate me because I'm smart.


Diana said...

You seriously are one of my favorite blogs to follow. You always make me laugh. Today's post made me remember a funny video clip I had seen and I thought you might get a kick out of it too.

jerriann said...

I'm late catching up reading other's post, thanks for the laughs. Great way to start a Monday.

Becca said...

I am so jealous that it worked for you . . . our dog just shakes her head in confusion and than keeps barking. And let me tell you, I definitely can feel it in my soul.

rthling said...

Yeah, thay don't make them for dogs under eight pounds.
I know.
I checked.

Emily said...

It doesn't sound inhumane to me! It's training and it was temporary, much like a swat on the hand to a 3 year old reaching for the woodstove.

I don't STILL swat my 13 year old's hand. He has it down now. NO STOVE.

Cheddar might get to stay now, so it's all good.

Big Doofus said...

The wife put one of those collars on me a few years after we we tied the knot. It's done wonders for our marriage. Now, when I look at everything she brings home on a shopping trip, I just smile and look at my wallet (the equivalent of wagging my tail and looking at the door).

Seriously, I wish some of our old neighbors would have considered such a collar. There's nothing worse than a dog who barks all night--and the family that somehow manages to sleep through it.

Diana's video was pretty funny. I was reminded of my favorite comedian, Brian Regan, who did a bit on dogs barking. The dog specific part starts at around 1:55 into it, but it can be found here...


Brian Regan is a family safe comedian (only a few minor words here and there--nothing vulgar).

Carrie said...

Can you send it to me if you are finished with it??? i have two that bark like mad when the door bell rings, teenagers walk by, someone drops something on the porch....it's driving me insane. Nothing seems to work. I have a hard time spending my hubbys hard earned money on the dogs though! Glad it worked for you!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

I love the bark collar! We don't have pets but my parents do and they are fantastic. You don't even have to turn them on.

I must confess I've often thought of putting them on my boys! Hangs head in shame!

Thanks for stopping by The Things We Do!

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

LOL! I've always wondered if they made those for children...

Emily said...

Stopped by from WFMW... love this! We have a bark collar for our dog too. Unfortunately she figured out that she can bark without it on. She hangs her head when she sees it coming now.. haha!