"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh, Canadia

After visiting Niagara Falls, I insisted that we take the Canadian route back home.

I'd never been to Canada before, so I was excited to experience this new culture and new landscape.

But lo and behold!

They don't even drive on the wrong side of the road! And not a single person has ended a sentence with "eh."
No moose have crossed the road in front of us.

No mounties.

And the pancake syrup at breakfast was fake, just like in the States.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Detroit tomorrow will be more of a culture shock than this place that claims to be Canada.

We DID eat at a place called "Moose Winooski's". It had a Canadian flag out front--and a cartoon moose--so we knew this might finally provide us with some intercultural experiences. And sure enough, we had our first taste of "Poutine" [poo-teen?], a traditional canadian delicacy comprised of french fries, gravy and goey, melty cheese curds. The waitress apologized and rushed to bring us some ketchup and vinegar for it as well. Yummy it was.

As was the schnitzel.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

After Watching Michael Jackson's Memorial Service...

On vacation, we've managed to watch about 27 recaps of the MJ memorial service.

Cindy just told me she has a few new ideas for her own funeral.

Maybe exchange Mariah for Mandisa and swap out Rev. Sharpton for cute little Charles Stanley. Other than that, pretty much the same.

Don't worry. Cindy's in excellent health, so don't everyone respond begging for tickets just yet.

Monday, July 6, 2009

It Seems Like We're Forgetting Something...

One of our [least] favoritie traditions in our family is the phone call we make on vacation to our good friend Kristin.

Pretty much, if she receives a call from us while we are out of town, she can pick up the phone and say, "Hi, you've reached Kristin, your personal rescuer who will gladly overnight you whatever you forgot or break into your house and turn off the iron you left on. What can I do for you THIS time, you big fat screw-ups?"

Yesterday, it was just a matter of climbing up on furniture to retrieve our passports and sending them to us while we are en route to Canada.

Thanks, Kristin. Please someday make some terrible error in planning your trip so we can bail you out.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ignore this post.
I'm just seing how well Blogger Mobile does with posting a text message from my cell phone. What will they think of next?

You're Welcome. You're So Very Welcome.

I am resisting with every ounce of my energy the natural tendency to apologize for not posting here in so long.
We've all read those posts where people who've been absent feel that they've done something wrong by not writing in a sweet forever. (I've done it myself, I'm sure.)
Do we owe it to our readers to explain or give excuses for our absence?
Do we feel compelled to make hollow promises that we'll post more regularly from here on out?

If anything, I feel that maybe I owe you all a big, fat "YOU'RE WELCOME!"

For the past couple of weeks--or longer--you have had an extra couple minutes added to your days by not being tempted to pop over here to read what you've been led to believe is the best durn writing in all the world.

Maybe with that extra time you have from not reading my posts, you've taken up new hobbies like learning CPR, so I'm directly responsible for any lives you end up saving.

Or perhaps with the time added to your life you've been able to spend more time in prayer and meditation and you've never felt closer to God than you do right now.

Words can't even begin to describe just how welcome you are for this gift I've given you.

If you really feel you must thank me, you may either:

a) leave a comment telling me exactly how your life has been changed for the better by my lack of posting
b) mail a check to a charity in my name
c) mail a check to ME
d) all of the above isn't a bad idea either

I really do plan on posting in the coming days about our Mexico trip and other such things. My wife has done a good job covering it, but I'll be doing it in a different kind of way. It'll be from the perspective of a bald man whose luggage was lost for a few days, so you know that will touch your heart in new and uncomfortable ways.