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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swabbing The Poop Deck

In the arctic regions of Indiana where we live, we've had a fair amount of snow.

And while I've done a decent amount of shoveling snow to clear a place for our dog Cheddar to do his business, he evidently hasn't realized that underneath several inches of snow is our deck, not the yard. So he's simply stepped out onto our deck and peed right then and there. (Once he even left one leg inside in the kitchen and leaned out to urinate. Good grief.)

Then I'd watch him run down the steps to go do #2 on the grass I cleared.

However, as the snow on the deck has melted we've learned that the entire deck was littered with tootsie rolls, for lack of a better term.

I'm guessing I'll need to shovel the entire deck next time it snows. And I guess right now too.

You probably didn't care to know about any of that, right?


2Thinks said...

Sorry about your luck, my friend.

We used to have a little Shih tzu and in the Arctic regions of Michigan, where we live, we'd shovel him a path, but he'd do the same thing- hang the weiner out the door and dribble on the porch.

Gosh, I do not miss that dog.

Becky K. said...

I relate too much! With two tiny dogs and much, much snow.

Another snow storm is on the way. I am relieved that all of the "tootsie rolls" will be covered for the time being...putting it off until Spring.
By then it will be fabulous for the flower gardens! lol

Becky K.

Rochelle said...

Thanks for not posting a picture of that one! :)

Queen of Fun said...

When we got 31 " of snow in Philadelphia Joe Honeycutt (husband) had to dig a tunnel 6' out of the garage because BJ Honeycutt (lab) just couldn't bring himself to "go" close to the house. The poor dog was going to explode.
We were all going to explode because cooking was our only distration. Fried chicken for breakfast -- got the picture?
We had only one TV and it ws six days before the plow made it down the street.
No blood was shed and I give Jesus all the credit.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

rthling said...

When we got a few inches, Zaccheus ran out under the trailer, where the ground was bare, to do his bidness.

Tammy said...

Tootsie rolls......Bwah ha ha ha!