"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the Arms of The Angel

Goodness gracious!
I’m not even going to look back and see when the last time was that I posted. (I really don’t have to. I can see that my current banner at the top is laden with leprechauns and shamrocks, so clearly the last time this blog received any attention from me was during the Great Leprechaun Uprising of 1872. Tsk. Tsk. I’ll just leave that up for another month, I guess, and look like I’m a month early for St. Patty’s Day instead of 139 years late for what is generally considered the bloodiest little people war of the modern era.)

So since my last post:
- an ice age has ended
- electricity was discovered and
- New Kids On The Block have gone on tour

It HAS been a long time indeed, and I’ve missed writing and interacting in this way with friends around the country. Writing for me is such a healthy exercise; it’s a kind of proactive way to stave off mental constipation. I can just pour out thoughts, ideas and experiences right here and force you to read it and like it while I go on to think and do other things. So thank you for the role you play in my therapy.

And therapy is what I need because in just a month or so, I’ll be turning 40.
AND my youngest is hitting double digits about the same time.
AND my oldest will be going to high school this year.
AND I have dry, itchy skin.
When will the madness end?

To help celebrate my apparent return, I’m posting a video of a commercial I wrote and which stars my wife. I honestly laugh out loud each time I watch it (tears even, a few times). It’s from last fall at our church, and it was made to inspire people to “adopt” college students and make them feel at home even though they are miles away from their lesser, absent, biological parents. We’ve adopted 5 students so far, and it’s been a blessing to us (and hopefully them as well). But before you get too excited, we should tell you that the IRS has informed us that we should stop claiming them as dependents.

(on my computer at least, this video has the right edge cut off the way it's embedded here, so you might have to click this link to in on Youtube to see it in all its original glory. Sorry.)

Well, it sure feels nice to be on the interweb again. See you again soon.